te – 1st of January 2014


Richard stood silently in front of the window and stared outside to the calm water on this first day in January. He loved it when the sunlight was just touching the ocean as  this part of the world was becoming alive again.

He adored the early morning silence even though the window of the hotelroom was closed.
Just looking at the waves without any sound made him very relaxed and comfortable.

You are getting fat again Richard!‘ he heard from the familiar voice behind him.

His wife, Margaret was lying in the king size bed at the rear of the hotelsuite.
You promised, you promised me that you would watch your weight this year. Remember? When we left the hospital last time, after you had that heart attack exactly one year ago. You promised me it would not happen again. You would go on a diet, you would attend your WWW’s; the Weekly Weight Watchers meetings, you would return to your weekend football, pick up running again and…
she shouted at him from the bed.

‘Ok, I trusted you ( again )’ she continued. ‘When you said that you went to the WWW on Tuesday evenings, went out of the house every morning at seven before going to the office and disappeared every Saturday afternoon coming back smelling of beer. I just don’t know what to think anymore.’ she cried softly.
‘The diet was the one and only thing I could make sure you would stick to; HEALTHY, there isn’t any other word for it; the steamed Broccoli is full of antioxidants and fibers, your meat is without any fat at all, grilled with a hint of coconut oil, tenderized by the enzymes of the kiwi. Seaweed instead of rice, pasta, potatoes or – oh the horror – french fries! It isn’t MY fault that you’re belly has grown again.’ she sighed.
‘But even now, even here in Spain with its Mediterranean diet in this Christmas holiday, far away from all the business dinners, parties for clients you have managed to become fat again!
My god, you are not a seven year old boy anymore, you are a 45 year old man with responsibilities, time that you start acting like one Richard!!!’

This year has been a bit of BOTH Margaret; too much and too little;
too much work, too much stress, too many changes but also too much of the same as the year before, too many empty days, too many lonely nights. Everything was a bit too much, everything was a bit too little…” Richard replied, staring at the waves below him.

‘You said too little; too little of WHAT….?’ asked Margaret very loudly. “Ah well yes, too little money, off course…” replied Richard and “… uhmmm how shall I put it, too little intimacy?”
‘TOO LITTLE INTIMACY ?!?!?!?!!!’ Margaret screamed furiously at him from the bed.

“Ah well yes, ok, let’s just say that last year has been a bit of a year of ‘too’, for me and you, for the both of us” said Richard.
I think that the use of the word ‘too’ is highly underrated in this country, people should take it more seriously than a ‘Two to the Loo’ joke that trivializes the use of ‘too’. Too is a very important aspect of life, too important to make jokes of.

By the way, did you know the Spanish have a completely different word for ‘too’; a real, proper word that covers the whole scope, namely demasiado, DEEMASIAADOO, that is a real word for too, not too that is no real word for too, it is too small, too insignificant.”

‘Duhhhhuhhhh’ snapped Margaret ‘did you also know that in Holland they use the word te for too? That is an even smaller and even less significant word as too’.

No I didn’t” shrugged Richard still looking out of the window to the calm ocean.

And did you also know that ‘te‘ in Spanish is best used together with the verb Querer?

Quiero comes from the verb Querer and quiero means ‘I want’, my Spanish isn’t that bad. When I want a beer in Spain I just yell ‘Quiero una cervesa por favor’ and they bring me a beer, as simple as that.

I also know that ‘te’ means ‘you’, so ‘te quiero’ means I want you? he asked Margaret.
‘Almost Richard, Te quiero means I love you.’ 
she replied softly.

He turned away from the window and looked at his wife and knew she was right, despite everything that had happened they still loved each other deeply, after all these years…

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  1. Marlies says:

    all alive need love weer een heel mooi verhaal Bart

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