It freezes in Arrecife, Lanzarote

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Olga is sick and tired of it, and slams the door shut of the empty restaurant.
I’m going  to my mother” she shouts upstairs. It is Sunday, May 18th, their wedding day, mind you.
Alejandro looks down, at the ground. He stands behind her quietly holding her hand. “Come on kid, let’s go to Grandma. Daddy is acting a little strange today“, Olga says to the boy, gently squeezing his hand. In her other hand she holds a suitcase. She turns around and walks with Alejandro to the taxi that is waiting.
Upstairs it remains silent.

It is 11 am on Tuesday, Javier is at work, behind the bar in ‘La Lima‘ and walks with a tray filled with drinks onto the terrace.
It’s busy today, “perhaps a new cruise ship in the harbor” he thinks. When he looks to his right, he sees that the restaurant ‘La Mesita‘ a hundred meters further down is still closed. “Mmmm , yesterday they were closed as well, pity
When Javier walks with the new orders inside he sees ‘Pepe‘ sitting in a chair, near the entrance. Pepe looks like shit, a beard of a few days, bloodshot eyes, drooping shoulders and with moist eyes he looks at Javier, Sangria, una copa, por favor” he says, shivering, Javier nods and walks inside.

I never understood what you see in that old guy, he ‘s about as old as I am” says snaps Anastaysa to Olga. “Yes, Mom, I know, I know. But he’s a darling for ‘Alejandro’, and the fact he’s older, is not an issue for me, it’s just a pity that he is emotionally still a seven year old, he is a dreamer, always has been, and he still is.Anastasya is silent and looks at her daughter. “Legally he is divorced from that bitch ‘Sofia’ but emotionally he is still married to her, he calls her EVERY DAY!!!” Olga sits down and sobs silently, yes it’s true, every day there is a WhatsApp sent from him to his ex-wife. And the bizarre thing in the whole story is that Sofia has been married again a long time ago, she doesn’t need Pepe at all.

Ice cold and completely oblivious of what is happening around him Pepe takes a sip of the Sangria. “Customers“, Javier says to Pepe, Pepe does not understand and looks up to Javier, who nodds at ‘La Mesita’, “customers!Javier repeats. Pepe sees a group of tourists in  front of the restaurant, quickly he gets up and walks towards his restaurant. The people want coffee and a bite to eat. Pepe explains that the equipment still needs to be switched on and that it can take a while until everything is heated up. But tourists do not have time, tourists are always in a hurry. A holiday lasts only for a short time and there is a busy schedule they have to stick to, they walk on, there no time.
Depressed Pepe walks back to his neighbor Javier from the bar ‘La Lima‘ and sits down behind his Sangria. The famous Whatsapp whistle can be heard on his phone.

A message from Olga; if he can call her, she wants to talk. Pepe runs hyperventilating back to ‘La Mesita‘ to call her.
Why do you have to call every day with Sofia? You know I hate that! Do you still love her ?” asks Olga Pepe.
Sofia has all my Japanese cookbooks, and I need those to make sushi. there is nothing going on with that bitch, I do NOT love her. Will you please, please come back?” begs Pepe.

She remains silent for a long time. “I don’t even like sushi, but I love him” she thinks. “Ok , then we will come back tomorrowOlga finally replies.

Tomorrow:  A happy Pepe is standing on the terrace in front of  ‘La Mesita’ with a broad smile as Olga and Alejandro step out of the taxi.
In his hands he holds a huge tray of fresh sushi.

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