Unfortunately I can’t – due to circumstances –  visit my favorite continent  Africa anymore.

Helena and I had visited a number of the Canary Islands a number of times and felt that – besides the tourist circus areas – it  is a very pleasant stay with very nice people living on the islands.

Slowly the plan emerged that I would stay – alone – on one of the 7 islands making the archipel the archipel ‘Canary Islands.

I am living in the district – ‘barrio’ in Spanish – Argana Alta in Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote. It is a friendly workingclass neighborhood with all sorts of Fruteria’s, locatorio’s, supermercado’s and off course cafetaria’s and restaurants. A shop from Moviestar, a subsidiary of Telefonica makes my life complete.

The busstop, together with a taxi stand is located about a 100 meters from my flat.

I write once per week a new blogpost, hopefully on saturdays, so keep an eye on this weblog!

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