Three J’s, the start of the day

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“Estupendo, fantastic, all those wonderful pastel colorsJulia thinks when she slowly opens her eyes. She looks at the shimmering sky with the rising orange sun. This is her favorite part of the day, the fresh morning aroma,  the shades of a unspoiled start, new opportunities.

At 6am Jesús suddenly awakes “Ohh, mierda, shit, I am too late!” he shouts and jumps with his bare feet on the tiles. He should hurry up, Jesús is always in a hurry, so much to do, so little time, each day less and less.
He quickly puts his sweater on and stands in the street, it is still dark, and for a single moment he thinks “what next?”.
Without looking up or around Jesús is on his way.

Jorge is awakened by a wet lick on his cheek, Bianca wags her tail hopeful beside him. Always happy to see her master. He is still exhausted because of yesterday and drags himself up, he opens the last can of dog food and gives half to Bianca. She attacks the food as if she hadn’t eaten since yesterday.
After half an hour Jorge is outside and looks at the bright blue sky, “Today is going to be a very hot day” he thinks to himself.

Meanwhile Jesús has arrived at boulevard the for his daily inspection. To his utter amazement he finds that the first couple of café’s are still closed. “You would think that they should know by now that this is the main source of income?” he thinks slightly petulantly and quickens his step. He knows he can do roughly fifteen bars per hour and today he has to do at least thirty of them, one round of inspection will take two hours, at least.

Julia is dancing across the busy intersection of the ‘calle la Inés’ and the ‘calle Fajardo‘, all the cars squeeze through the busy morning traffic jam and honk often and loud while she hops happily over the crossing.
Then she walks to the bridge and looks, with a smile on her face, up to the cloudless blue sky.
One car which is waiting for the red traffic light uses his klaxon with modesty, very shortly and softly, the driver lets his arm hang out of the window, in his hand is a white plastic cup from the coffee machine, he hands the cup over to Julia.
Without a thought she takes the cup and looks up again to that beautiful blue sky while she thinks of her dream.
That beautiful dream.

Jorge will work today on the “calle Louis Morote“. He is late this morning, it took him more than two hours to get here. “Better late than never” he thinks while he is struggling to position himself left of the stairway to the main entrance. Carefully he takes his belongings from the bag and puts them on the right, next to him.
The can, which is half full, within reach.

Her dream returns to her memory, funny in a way, the dream always takes place at this spot, on the bridge where she is at this very moment. “What a coincidence” she thinks and when she thinks more of it, “that dream wasn’t actually so beautiful”.
It is very quiet, slowly almost unnoticeable all buildings around her are moving towards her. The space around her gradually becomes smaller and smaller and the strange bit is you don’t hear a thing!“. Julia doesn’t hear the cars on the busy road anymore and she stares petrified, as if in trance, with an empty gaze into a void.
Some of the cars that stop for the red light roll down the window, on the drivers side, and automatically her hand moves towards the car while the driver drops a twenty cent coin in the white plastic cup.
The light switches to green and the cars drive on.
Julia senses that she is hungry.

When he is halfway of his second round of inspection Jesús sees the first bar that opens, directly opposite to the Gran Hotel, a small group of tourists wants to enter the bar for a real authentic English breakfast with sausages, bacon and beans.
Jesús decides to wait five minutes before stopping at the table with the foreigners having their breakfast, in his best Spanish/English/German and Russian he asks for one euro for the bus but the people look straight through him as if he doesn’t exist.
Pity, maybe next time when I return in two hours” and moves on again.
He has to hurry if he wants to get the next bar on time.

All the people that descend from the stairway of the Spar supermarket immediately turn right but Jorge is too rigid and too cramped to move over to the other side, because of the accident a number of his vertebrae are damaged and he can’t use his legs anymore. Sitting all day on the ground doesn’t make you agile either, yet he knows this is a good spot, there are days when he can collect four or five euros.
A Spar customer who comes here more often drops a fifty cent coin in the empty can on his right.
At least Bianca has dinner tonight” thinks Jorge while he thanks the customer.

– O – O – O – O – O – 


The three J’s are real people;

  1. Jorge sits every day in front of the Spar in my neighborhood,  the only support he gets is a piece of cardboard with a statement of the town hall stapled to it, the statement says that he is officially handicapped.
  2. I see Jesús sometimes chaotically running around, sometimes twice a week, sometimes once a month.
  3. Julia is three of four times a week on the bridge near the crossing.

Jesús and Julia have no statement of the town hall.

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